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Blade Sharpening Instructions

blade sharpening

1) You will first need to remove the steel guide from the Oregon sharpener for sharpening Better Built saw blades.

2) It is recommended that you sharpen the blade while it is on the RIPSAW. Unplug electric chainsaw from power source.

- Make sure chainsaw switch is in the off position. Shut off gas powered chainsaw before attempting to sharpen the blade.

3) Move the dimension plate to at least a three-inch depth.

4) Lay the RIPSAW on its side with the front side facing upward.

5) Insert diamond stone into gullet of each tooth. While applying slight pressure upward so thtat , move the stone in and out (Forward and backward) in short strokes under the cutting tip of the blade.

6) Keep the stone perpendicular or square to the blade. Two or three strokes will sharpen each tooth. (oversharpening will shorten the blade life.) Move upward on the stone as the diamond wears away to maximize stone life.

You should see that the tip of the tooth is shiny when it is dull and you should see a sharp line after it is sharpened.