. Learn how to dry, store and mill lumber, which species are good for which jobs, how to design joints that accom modate wood?s seasonal swelling and shrinking. and More!
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Original "Peavey" brand cant hook with 4' hardwood handle.
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Ripsaw Owners' Information

Print or Download Ripsaw Manual (download page 10 separately)
Print or Download Ripsaw Manual Page 10

Print or Download Ripsaw Carriage Assembly Instructions

Print or Download xl4 Manual

Print or Download XL4 Carriage Assembly Instructions

Ripsaw parts list and Diagram
Ripsaw updates and modifications
Carbide Guide Adjustment
Dimension Plate Assembly
Guide Beam Assembly
Ripsaw Message Board
Cutting Lumber
Blade Sharpening
Chainsaw Preparation and Assembly instructions

XL4 Assembly

Processing Trees to Lumber/Building a Solar Kiln
Air Drying and Moisture Gain

Earn Money! Become a Ripsawyer for Hire.

What to bring when Milling . . .


  • Gloves -- thick, leather. Helps absorb vibration. Padded are all the better.
  • Dust mask. Not the paper kind, they're not enough.
  • Hearing protection, either ear plugs or headsets.
  • Chaps. With a chainsaw, you really should have them.
  • First aid kit (how many of us actually bring one of these?)

RipSaw . . .

  • Chainsaw powerhead
  • Mill
  • Extra blades
  • Slabbing rails and related equipment
  • Spare cover, extender and End clamp knobs
  • Spare End Clamp/Chisel pins
  • Spare Guide Bearing

Also bring plenty of water for drinking and a few snacks.