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Stihl Chainsaw Preparation and Assembly

use these instructions only if you are using a Stihl chainsaw
  1. Clean the mounting surface on the powerhead and remove the following parts. NOTE: check that the chain brake is disengaged". (Retain these parts for changing chainsaw to its original state.)
    1. 2 bar nuts
    2. chain/sprocket cover
    3. bumper spike, bolts and nuts which fasten it
    4. snap ring from crank shaft
    5. large washer from crank shaft
    6. rim sprocket(2 pieces)
    7. * A 7-tooth spur gear sprocket is required to adapt Stihl Chainsaws to the Ripsaw. Please refer to the Stihl Part Numbers listed below.
  2. Release the Chainsaw brake.
  3. Install the appropriate 7-tooth spur gear sprocket for your chainsaw, onto the crank shaft
  4. Turn the sprocket while pushing downward to set it properly onto the clutch drum. (You may need to lock and release the brake a few times while doing this.)
  5. Install the thin Stihl washer that was shipped with your sawmill onto the crankshaft. It should be located inside the owner's manual packet or inside the dimension plate box with your sprocket.
  6. Secure the sprocket and washer by installing the "E" clip(snap ring) onto the crankshaft.
  7. Apply liquid gasket material (Available at an automotive store) to the labeled area in the diagram below. The gasket material should be wiped clean from all surfaces and reapplied with every mount or dismount from the Ripsaw.
  8. Adjust bar oiler flow to a minimum, by inserting a small screwdriver into the slot located on the bottom of the powerhead and turning it counterclockwise.
  9. Attach powerhead to the RIPSAW using the instructions on page 3.
View of Chainsaw after parts have been removed.
Failure to do so will result in Ripsaw Gear Failure